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Sliding Bi-Fold Door

Sliding Bi-Fold Door

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Our newest and most dynamic doors on the market, with Floor to Ceiling full glass panels. Sliding Bi-Fold Doors have an infinite amount of arrangement patterns you can change as you desire. Perfect centerpiece for any Modern/Contemporary Home.





Jamb is included and packaged separately from the door.  Jamb is constructed with 12 gauge tube (above industry standard).   Polyurethane Foam Core is filled in the jamb for greater insulation.  


Threshold is included and it comes welded on the jamb.

In Swing Threshold:

  • Thickness or height from the back interior side:  1 1/8”
  • Thickness or height from the front exterior side: 1/2”
  • Width or Depth:  6” 

Out Swing Threshold:

  • Thickness or height from the back interior side:  1 1/4”
  • Thickness or height from the front exterior side: 1/2”
  • Width or Depth:  6”


Tabs come welded on jamb with pre drilled holes to allow for easy installation.



Weld on bullet hinges with grease fittings come welded on jamb and door.  Allows customers to comfortably open our doors, but yet feel that quality with each and every use.     



Tempered dual pane glass. Triple pane glass also available. There is a spacer in between each 1/4” thick glass that makes the total thickness of the tempered dual pane glass 5/8”.  Front exterior side glass is the design glass style you chose and back interior side glass is clear. Customers may swap back glass for design glass with special orders only.

Weather Stripping

Dual foam weather stripping is included and comes installed around the door frame.  Designs with operable glass will have dual sealing around the glass.  The purpose is to help reduce air infiltration and water penetration.  The dual sealing around the glass allows for weather stripping on both sides of the glass.  The seal around the door frames help to reduce the leakage of air and heat, resulting in a much more energy efficient product for our customers.   


Polyurethane foam core is filled in door frame and jamb to help reduce heat and cold weather transfer through the door.  It also helps to reduce outside sound transfer through the door. 

Rubber Door Sweeps

Door sweep located underneath the door is included and comes installed on door.  Bottom sweeps are used to help seal the gap at the bottom of your door to help prevent infiltration of sound, light, drafts, insects, moisture, smoke or fire.  The bottom sweep is a simple way to help in insulating a room, which provides cost and environmental benefits.

Flush Latch 

Included and pre-installed on all double door orders (Unless otherwise specified).  Our flush latch is installed on the upper and lower sections of the secondary door to allow both doors to open and operate while in the unlocked position.

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